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E Series is the entry class disk array model that has iSCSI interface or Fibre channel interface. With iSCSI model, initial cost can be minimized and you can leverage the existing LAN. With Fibre channel model, you can enjoy high performance with 4Gbps host interface.


  E Series hardware - Entry Model

E1-10 disk array system

E1-10, entry model with excellent cost-effectiveness, supports iSCSI connection

  Basic information

E1-10 is a disk array with up to 60 HDD modules, supports iSCSI interface. (iSCSI model)

•   Having up to 60 SAS or SATA HDD modules, the maximum capacity is 53.9TB.

•   Host interface is either iSCSI or FC.

•   Easy operation with simple management software.

•   High reliability with main components duplicated.

•   SAS and SATA disks can be mixed in an enclosure.

•   Dynamic reallocation according to the usage of the logical disks.


Simple and Economical

Low cost and simple operation with iSCSI interface.

FC(4Gbps) or iSCSI(1Gbps) host interface can be selected. Low-cost devices for Ethernet can be used for iSCSI connection so that the initial cost can be reduced.

Simple user interface with web-based management software.

NEC Storage Manager Express is included to provide the operational environment that allows simple operation without dedicated management server.

High Reliability

Duplication of the main components

Main components such as RAID controller and power supply are duplicated.

IO access can continue when a controller failure happens.

When a controller failure happens, "NEC Storage PathManager" makes the IO access to move from one controller to another so that the IO access can continue.

"NEC Storage PathManager" also has a load balance function.

IO access can continue when a path failure happens.


SAS/SATA disk drives can be mixed in an enclosure.

Up to 60 drives of SAS and SATA can be installed in a system. (Dual Controller Model)

Data migration

If the data is frequently accessed, it should be in a high speed logical drives such as RAID-10/SAS drive. If the data is for archive, it can be stored in economical logical drives such as RAID5/SATA drive. Data reallocation can be executed dynamically.


Model Name Single Controller Model Dual Controller Model
Chassis Structure One disk array controller can house up to 12 disk drives. Up to 4 disk enclosures can be connected to the disk array controller.

One disk array controller or disk enclosure can house up to 12 disk drives.

Host Interface FC Model: Fibre Channel (up to 4Gbps)
iSCSI Model: iSCSI (up to 1Gbps)
Host Port 2 ports 4 ports
Cache Memory 1GB 2GB
RAID Level RAID-1, 3, 5, 6, 10
Disk Drive Disk Interface SAS/SATA (up to 300MB/s)
Capacity / Rotation Speed SAS 147GB, 300GB, 450GB (15,000rpm)
SATA 750GB, 1TB (7,200rpm)
Number of Disk Drives 4 - 12 4 - 60
Maximum Storage Capacity *1 10.6TB 53.9TB
Cabinet Dimensions (W x D x H) Disk Array Controller 480 x 540 x 86.5 mm (2U)
Standby Power Supply - 482 x 651 x 43.3 mm (1U)
Disk Enclosure - 482 x 540 x 86.5 mm (2U)
Weight Disk Array Controller 31kg or less
Standby Power Supply - 26kg or less
Disk Enclosure - 29kg or less
Power Requirements AC100 - 240V single phase 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 450W or less 530 - 1,970W
Supported OS *2 Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008

*1: Calculateded on "1GB=1,000,000,000B" basis.
*2: Please contact NEC for more information.

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