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  A Business Operation and Management Software Suite "MasterScope"

NEC's MasterScope middleware is an integrated administration software suite that helps you to overcome the challenges of the increasingly complicated corporate IT systems.

Companies of all sizes now use IT systems, so the breakdown of the IT system can directly result in the breakdown of various business activities. While IT is becoming increasingly important, as long as the status of each device or system continues to be individually monitored, it is not possible to see how a failure affects the business operations, and it is difficult to quickly address that failure. In addition, individual optimization by each department is not sufficient to improve the service quality.

More than half of IT investment is spent on operating IT systems. This is the money that could be spent on strategic investments to strengthen a company's competitiveness. Also, because not many engineers can handle today's increasingly complex IT systems, it is becoming difficult to secure all the necessary human resources.

From small systems to large, cloud-based systems, MasterScope will surely help you manage your IT system and overcome all your system challenges.

  MasterScope Overcomes System Challenges

To overcome the challenges of managing corporate IT systems, NEC advocates integrated companywide system administration whereby all the processes are improved and controlled throughout the entire company. In other words, NEC improves the quality of IT services and reduces the administration costs by implementing an efficient cycle of view, decision making, and optimization.

MasterScope provides products that satisfy your needs, so that you can easily realize this kind of integrated companywide system administration.

  Concept of MasterScope - Integrated Companywide System Administration

  System management: Viewing risks and current situations

MasterScope monitors the system from multiple viewpoints and view the whole situation on a single screen in an easy-to-understand way.

  Corporate management: Navigating the right decision

MasterScope accumulates system operation expertise and uses this knowledge to help you make the right decision.

  Operation management: Using automation to optimize operating efficiency

MasterScope automates complex operations such as resource optimization to create a system that runs by itself.

  Lineup of MasterScope Products

  Benefits of MasterScope

Excellent scalability

•   Functionality
All features can be set up and monitored from an integrated console even when MasterScope is functionally expanded to support all the added requirements such as monitoring additional servers, networks, or application performances.
•   Size
You can gradually migrate from a small or mid-sized system to a large system. This feature makes MasterScope an attractive product as the first step for customers who want to expand their system in the future.

Excellent usability

Products added as targets of MasterScope management can also be operated on a single screen, reducing the operator's workload. The MasterScope GUI is ergonomically designed so that the flow of screen operations is kept as short as possible, enabling intuitive operations and reducing operation errors.

Efficient management

Configuration information about servers, networks, and other systems is centrally managed and settings related to these items can be specified in an uniform format. This allows proper & efficient configuration of the management even if the system becomes more complex. Licenses, messages, and other components are also managed centrally.

  Solutions with MasterScope Product Suite

•   Supports performance analysis of bottleneck in all Web systems.
Application Navigator, MISSION CRITICAL OPERATIONS, Invariant Analyzer

•   Improves operations with the ITIL process.
Application Navigator, DeploymentManager, MISSION CRITICAL OPERATIONS

•   Provides integrated monitoring for the dispersed systems.

•   Always monitors huge amount of job/tasks, and when any failure occurs , it very rapidly and accurately resolves.

•   Optimizes all the resources realizing automatic operation based on the policies.
Application Navigator, MISSION CRITICAL OPERATIONS, NEC SigmaSystemCenter

•   Enables simple operations of any virtual server environment.
Application Navigator, MISSION CRITICAL OPERATIONS, NEC SigmaSystemCenter

•   Specifies the real causes from huge amount of error messages.

•   Enables an integrated network management of multiple vendor environments, and at the same time enables to recover from any kind of failure.
Network Manager

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