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About YSoft SafeQ

  What is YSoft SafeQ ?

YSoftSafeQ is a unique printing solution which gives you total control over printing, copying and scanning throughout your company.

YSoftSafeQ brings comprehensive administration for all operations as part of printing, copying and digitalization services. It aims to achieve high security for all documents and cost savings for the company, to conserve environmental resources and especially to improve user comfort.

Save costs, time and the environment!

Your company will now enjoy full control over printing, copying and scanning. Y Soft SafeQ enables the administrator to define fixed rules and allocate roles to specific employees within the company. It will be therefore pre-defined for the users in what format they may print, in what color and whether simplex or duplex. Responsible user behavior leads to a rapid drop in printing operations and prevents waste of resources.

Make your work easier with printers and increase comfort!

With the YSoftSafeQ printing solution, users will print and scan faster and more easily, saving them time that they can spend on more useful tasks. Revolutionary functionality such as Mobile Printing, Job Roaming and Private Cloud will now give you total independence – you can print from the airport, from a restaurant or from in bed. You can pick up the print job during your travels at any subsidiary within the whole corporate network. With central administration, an unlimited number of locations can be controlled from a single place and settings are automatically applied to subsidiaries. Scanning too has never been easier: one push of a button is now enough and your document will land in your e-mail or any other folder you’ve defined. As YSoftSafeQ raises user comfort and boosts productivity, many complications you would normally face will be solved for you.

Protect your data and access to multifunctional devices!

Efficient protection of sensitive data and control over user access to multifunctional devices is among the primary missions of YSoftSafeQ. Users are always identified when handling printers – by user cards, passwords or PIN – and the system coordinates their access and rights. The users can pick up their print jobs on a random printer, because with YSoftSafeQ the jobs are available anywhere. This printing solution can also precisely account for and report all jobs done on the printer, always matching the specific needs of users. Educational institutions can use YSoftSafeQ to charge for printing.

Making the MFPs think!

YSoftSafeQ is a proven printing solution available worldwide through a partner network. Currently over 7,000 organizations in 72 countries are enjoying its benefits.

What is new in YSoftSafeQ 4 ?

This new product will substantially improve your print environment.

The basic functionalities of the YSoftSafeQ printing solutions have been appreciated by our clients worldwide for many years. We listen to our clients and respond to their feedback: YSoft is constantly developing new functionalities and improving existing ones. The result is the revolutionary product YSoftSafeQ 4, offering our partners and clients even more comfort thanks to highly advanced technologies.

Private Cloud

The first innovation is the Private Cloud functionality that will significantly ease business primarily in mid-sized and large companies with several subsidiaries. Private Cloud allows administrators central management of the entire print environment from a single web interface. Any changes made to the settings are automatically downloaded from the central office and applied in all subsidiaries. This will save a great deal of time. Another benefit is the possibility of central monitoring of all subsidiaries and their benchmarking.

Mobile printing

The mobile printing application makes printing truly mobile and independent of offices or computer connections. Users can now send print jobs from their smartphones or iPads from any place that comes to their mind. Documents can be sent to print from the car, restaurant or even from your own bed. You only need to pick up the print jobs on a printer.

Rule-based printing

This new functionality allows the administrator to introduce a set of rules and define user roles applying to printing and copying. These rules determine whether the respective user may print simplex or only duplex, in color or only black-and-white. The company will achieve high cost savings not only thanks to the rules, but also user self-discipline.

Multilevel project accounting

Companies working on a project basis, such as law firms, PR agencies or auditors, can trace their printing and copying costs and bill them to their clients. Project costs can not only be traced, but split up into sub-projects based on, for example, the phase, area or topic.

User interface

Each user can create personalized control panels for his/her work with the YSoftSafeQ 4 printing solution based on personal preference. On a single web interface the users will then find all the information they are interested in, see their jobs and be able to process them. This new application calculates the price for the page to be printed already before the actual printing. Having this information, users can then change settings to more economical black-and-white and duplex printing.

Private Cloud

The revolutionary functionality of Private Cloud is a must-have print management tool for organizations with multiple subsidiaries and offices.

The organization will be able to benefit from administration and central control over its print environment. Private Cloud will make the management of system changes significantly easier and will also improve system stability. Administrators will spend less time connecting different servers and setting changes on other servers.

Central management

Changing settings and managing servers in multiple locations has never been easier. From a single website, the administrator can control the entire print environment, change settings and create detailed reports. To minimize network traffic, YSoftSafeQ does not transfer any print data, but only automatically distributes configuration data. Print data management is done independently in different locations by using the YSoftSafeQ Smart Agent application.

Comprehensive reporting

Central reporting allows easy and automatic collection of information across all of an organization’s subsidiaries and offices. Thanks to its special architecture, which only transfers relevant information, data traffic between the head office and subsidiaries is very low.

Job Roaming

Job roaming is the new generation of the "Follow-me" functionality. Documents intended for print will follow you not only in the building, but also to any of your subsidiaries. All jobs sent to YSoftSafeQ 4 in one location can be picked up for print anywhere – no geographical restrictions apply.

Load balancing & Failover

YSoftSafeQ supports continuous operation for critical network components and mitigates the implications for the user should one of the system components fail. If one server fails or communication with the central server is interrupted, another server will automatically take over its function.

Print Management

Easier and faster printing controlled by predefined rules will reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure high security of sensitive documents

Rule-based printing will allow your employees or employee groups to define roles based on which YSoftSafeQ will determine they way they can print. Another new functionality is Mobile print which frees the user from the need to sit at the PC.

Print job management

With print job management, users have full control over all documents they send to print. Users can easily pick up the print jobs they wish to print, go through printed jobs and/or re-print them. Frequent documents can be added to favorites. The user then finds the print job directly in the menu on the printer and does not have to send it to print repeatedly. All processes running on multifunctional devices are monitored, so the administrator always has full control over who is printing what documents and where.

Rule-based printing

By using a web wizard, the administrator can define conditions to be met when printing. Such conditions may involve access restrictions, switch-over to duplex or black-and-white printing and/or re-directing of the job to a less expensive printer. YSoftSafeQ 4 applies these rules for all jobs sent to print. Once the print job fulfills the conditions defined by the rules, it is processed. Otherwise, printing is suspended and the user receives an explanatory notice.

Print queues

With print queues, users can enjoy advanced printing functionalities such as secured print or Follow-me. Three categories of print queues are available.

• Direct print queuesfor printing on designated printers.

• Secured print queues will lock all print jobs until the user has authenticated at the printer. With this queue type, users can print jobs on any printer within the company.

• Shared queues allow large numbers of users to print the same job. This application is widely used for project-based work or in the assistant-boss relationship where the assistant brings documents to the boss.

Mobile printing

Mobile printing in YSoftSafeQ 4 brings freedom for printing processes which now become independent of computers or a direct connection to the local network. Users can send jobs to printers from their smartphones, regardless of whether they are located in a restaurant, train or in the garden. Mobile printing even enables the user to choose in what way (duplex, color) the document shall be printed.

Security & Access Management

YSoftSafeQ efficiently guards access to multifunctional devices and enables printing, copying and scanning for authorized users only

YSoftSafeQ enables authentication on multifunctional devices by simply swiping the staff ID card or entering the PIN code. The unique software architecture, print terminals and encoded communication all provide high security of printing processes. YSoftSafeQ can be integrated into existing ID card systems.


Secured access for users, print and access rights management are provided by three Y Soft terminals.

• Terminal UltraLight – intended for small and medium-sized businesses where security and accounting of printing, copying and scanning is required.

• Terminal Professional – intended for mid-sized companies and large corporations where several functionalities are required. The terminal is provided with a color touchscreen on which the users can manage their jobs, add them to favorites and/or define project accounting for specific jobs.

• Terminal Embedded – software terminal directly integrated into the multifunctional device, giving users the option of print job administration directly on the device screen. A card reader for user authentication can be attached to the terminal.

Access rights management

The management of access rights is governed by specific rights predefined for users or positions depending on their job-related duties and needs. Such rules can, for example, limit accountants to printing and copying only in their office, while giving managers the freedom of choosing any printer.

Access rights management also controls access to the YSoftSafeQ web interface. This is guaranteed protection of sensitive information on print jobs which can be accessed only by those with corresponding rights.

Scan management

With YSoftSafeQ, scanning has never been easier.

At a single push of a button on the MFD terminal, the document scanned by the user is sent directly to the e-mail inbox or user folder, without any need to input or set anything.

Fast and easy scanning

After using YSoftSafeQ to scan, users can choose whether the scan shall be sent to their e-mail inboxes or predefined folders. Users do not need to spend time entering their e-mail addresses or any other data on the printer. The document can be also scanned into a separate print queue and then saved to Favorites where it will always be available for printing.

Scanning workflow

On the YSoftSafeQ web interface the administrator can set any amount of scanning workflows, fully matching users’ needs. The workflow can be customized to internal corporate processes. The staff doing invoicing can, for example, scan directly into the financial archive folder, employees in logistics can scan into the goods delivery and/or distribution folder, etc.

Protection of corporate documents

All operations done on multi-functional devices within the corporation are constantly monitored. Any specific user, time and document can be traced in detailed reports. This way, corporate data is under perfect control, so it cannot be scanned and sent outside the company.

Advanced scanning

To ensure greater efficiency and make work easier, metadata can be added to scanned documents – such as company registration number, VAT number and/or bar codes. This metadata may be used to facilitate work related to invoicing, delivery sheets, etc.

Another advanced functionality of the YSoftSafeQ scan module is "Scan to script" where an external application can be integrated within scanning. With this function, scanned documents can easily be converted to Word format or uploaded to a Sharepoint.

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