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  EdiceYSoft SafeQ Instant

With YSoftSafeQ Instant a company can quickly save up to 40% of costs originally allocated to printing and copying.

The YSoftSafeQ Instant Edition is the right product for small and mid-sized businesses that extends the standard functionalities of multi-functional devices and enables comprehensive administration of the print environment. The company will achieve instant savings by restricting unnecessary print operations.

Significant savings

YSoftSafeQ Instant monitors all jobs running through multi-functional devices and generates a file with all the data required by the user. With this sort of information the user can easily streamline the routine use of printers, balance print operations based on their size and phase out unnecessary multi-functional devices.

Security for internal data

Maximum safety for printing of sensitive information is another functionality which the YSoftSafeQ Instant edition brings to the client. Any leak of sensitive corporate information can have serious consequences, so the printing solution is particularly robust and security-oriented. Jobs sent to print will always be printed only upon user authentication with a chip card, user name and password and/or PIN.

Easy installation

The installation of YSoftSafeQ Instant Edition is intuitive even for the very commoncasual users and can be implemented within existing IT infrastructure. With only five clicks and within two minutes, the client has YSoftSafeQ installed and can immediately start benefiting from its functionalities.

User-friendly control

The YSoftSafeQ Instant printing solution is controlled via a web interface, available both to administrators and users. The users can customise reports they want to follow and check on a regular basis. Also available are green reports where the user can see how many natural resources have been saved before all the jobs to be sent to print have been printed and/or that a job has been printed as duplex and black-and-white.

YSoftSafeQ Professional Edition

YSoftSafeQ Professional brings new unique functionalities.

Professional Edition is the product with the highest sales rates. It is intended for medium-sized and large companies regardless of their area of business. The product will be appreciated by financial and manufacturing businesses, design studios and law firms or state administration.

Smart rule-based printing

When using multi-functional devices, users can have fixed roles which clearly define their print-related possibilities. Based on allocated rights, users can print in color or black-and-white, simplex or duplex. YSoftSafeQ 4 can automatically switch color jobs to black-and-white jobs, simplex to duplex or redirect larger jobs to a printer with more economical operation.

Optimization based on accurate data

Accurate, customized reports are available, through which the user can easily and quickly take measures leading to a dramatic drop of costs related to printer operation. All operations done on multi-functional devices are monitored, including size, format and user. Part of the reports kit is also the possibility to track how much the company has saved the environment – for example water, timber or reduced CO2 levels.

Re-invoice printing costs to the client

Businesses working on a project basis, such as law or audit firms, can allocate each printed or copied document to the respective client for accounting. On top of that, projects can be divided into up to one thousand phase-based sub-projects, such as specific tasks or lawsuits in law firms.

Mobile printing

Businesses working on a project basis, such as law or audit firms, can allocate each printed or copied document to the respective client for accounting. On top of that, projects can be divided into up to one thousand phase-based sub-projects, such as specific tasks or lawsuits in law firms.

Easy installation

Users can now print jobs without access to the computer or local network. Users can send print jobs from any location – from the car, airport, restaurant or from in bed. It is possible to choose whether the printout shall be black-and-white, in color, simplex or duplex. Even a regular PC user can install YSoftSafeQ for the entire company with no more effort than only five clicks. The whole installation process will take a maximum of three minutes and nothing needs to be purchased later or modified.

YSoftSafeQ Enterprise Edition

This Edition is a comprehensive printing solution intended for large enterprises where print availability and stability is essential.

This edition contains all the functionalities that the YSoftSafeQ printing solution can offer. The Enterprise Edition has been developed as a tailor-made solution for large businesses with many remote subsidiaries facing frequent server failures, network overloading and/or businesses that need to ensure permanent availability of all functionalities within the print environment.

Printing and copying always available

Should any of the servers where YSoftSafeQ is installed fail, another functional server will immediately and automatically take over the function of the failed server. Routine users will not notice any failure and can continue their work on any multi-functional device. The Enterprise Edition is installed with its own architecture and cluster logics to ensure server fail-over functionality. Within one cluster a maximum of four servers are recommended.

Load balancing

Load balancing among multiple interconnected servers enables simultaneous processing of large amounts of pages. Jobs sent to print are continuously distributed among different YSoftSafeQ servers where YSoftSafeQ is installed. The system can send documents either to the closest server as a priority or dynamically to a server currently facing the smallest load. Load balancing among servers will always prevent any possible failures.

Managing the print environment from a central point

The Private Cloud functionality allows large businesses to administer their print environment from a single location. The administrator from the central office can oversee an unlimited amount of remote locations without the need to physically visit the locations. System changes done by the administrator from the central point are automatically applied to all subsidiaries.

Central reporting system

Another functionality of the YSoftSafeQ Enterprise Edition is Central Reporting where summary data from the whole print environment is preserved and processed. The reporting system in the Enterprise Edition is specifically designed to function as an independent server with attributes similar to OLAP or data storage centres.

Professional service

The mission of Y Soft is to provide not only a customized printing solution, but also top service as part of long-term business co-operation.

YSoft consultants and specialists are ready to analyze clients’ needs and demands, solve their problems and offer the best solution that is available. Besides product installation and support during implementation, YSoft offers a set of additional services which are essential for providing comprehensive and comfortable service.


YSoft offers support for companies interested in learning more about the YSoftSafeQ product and provides trainings and learning materials intended for partners and/or vendors. The greatest demand is for our technical training sessions, which focus on product installation and software and hardware implementation in the client’s environment. Individual assistance via e-mail, phone or in person is a matter of course.

Project management

For more complex installations and implementation of the YSoftSafeQ printing solution, a senior project team is available to the client and partner. Project managers coordinate larger projects involving product implementation in large corporations with remote branch offices.

Software support

YSoft provides extended software support which gives the client the latest technologies and always ensures an up-to-date version of the YSoftSafeQ product.

Extended warranty

With the hardware products from Y Soft, the client can take advantage of extended warranty of up to five years. In the highly unlikely event of a failure or defect, your product will be replaced without delay.

Service level agreement (SLA)

Service level agreements ensure that our partners will be quickly provided with the right solution should any unexpected failures, problems or complications occur. YSoft offers thee types of SLAs based on the defined service support level and response time – the client can choose from silver, gold or platinum support. The SLA defines response times of several hours or business days for the event of critical or serious incidents. Our partners can also order a 24/7 hotline.

YSoftSafeQ terminals

Part of the YSoftSafeQ printing solutions are terminals intended for user identification, print security and job management directly on printers

YSoftSafeQ terminals allow user identification at MFDs, printing on any available printer and security for sensitive documents. A whole variety of card readers are offered for the terminals that can be integrated with a wide range of MFDs. YSoft supplies three types of terminals with multi-functional devices – two of them are external hardware terminals and one is an embedded software terminal.

YSoftSafeQUltraLight Terminal

The UltraLight Terminal is intended for small and mid-sized clients who demand secured print and/or accounting of copies or scans per user or department. The terminal is produced in two editions: Print and Print&Copy. While the Print terminal is designated only for print security on printing devices, the Print&Copy terminal is used not only for print security and accounting, but also other operations on printing devices.

YSoftSafeQ Professional Terminal

This terminal is provided with a color touch screen and offers all the functionalities mentioned above. On top of that, it allows print job administration, storing in Favorites and/or deletion directly on the printer. The Professional terminal also supports code input for project-based accounting.

YSoftSafeQ Embedded Terminals

YSoft supplies its software-based Embedded terminals for MFDs from a variety of manufacturers. These terminals are embedded in the MFD panel, can be used with card readers and users can log on to the terminal with their contactless cards. Embedded terminals also support simultaneous operations at MFDs (printing, copying, scanning).

Available terminal versions for different vendors:

YSoftSafeQ® Konica Minolta Embedded Terminal

YSoftSafeQ® Ricoh® ESA Embedded Terminal

YSoftSafeQ® Xerox® EIP/JBA Embedded Terminal

YSoftSafeQ® Sharp OSA Embedded Terminal

YSoftSafeQ® Océ OSP Embedded Terminal

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